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On this page you will find an updated list with the best gear setups keyboard, monitor, PC, headset, mouse, gaming chair, microphone etcvideo settings graphics, resolution, aspect ratio, refresh rate etc. If you see any incorrect or missing informationplease do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment on this page please include the source of infomation. This helps us keeping the list up to date at all time.

While copying settings from professional players does not instantly make you a pro, it can definitely help you improve your game relatively to your current skill level. For example a lot of new players are playing with a very high sensitivity. We are not saying this is necessarily bad, but for most of the time a relatively low sensitivity is best for FPS games, as it gives room for more precise aim adjustments.

If you are interested in optimizing your settings for more FPS, check out our guide for increased performance and FPS boost in Fortnite. You can sort the list based on any of the fields. Just click the heading and the list will sort automatically. This way you can customize the list the way you want. Your selections will be saved for a couple of hours. You can read more about each player and find much more detailed information about their settings, gear and setups by clicking on their name.

If you are interested in any specific gear, just click on the gear which will take you to Amazon, where you can find more information and price on selected gaming gear.

You can use the search functionality in two ways. First of all, obviously you can search for specific players. Besides this it is really good for sorting the list. Lets say you want to see players from FaZe clan that are using Razor gear.

Best Fortnite Pro Settings

This can be used as a measure to compare the sensitivity between the players, as you only have to look at one number in order to get a sense of the player using a high or low sensitivity. You can also use it to compare it to your own sensitivity. Jump to pro player list. Player Team Mouse Hz Sens. Zoom Sens. ADS Sens. Cooler Master M HyperX Cloud Fl Flikk Atlantis Logitech G 0. Atlantis Machine Atlantis Logitech G 0. HyperX Cloud Al HyperX Cloud Re Razer Goliathus Beyerdynamic DT Goofy Ninjas in Pyjamas 0.

GeForce GTX Trona Cloud9 HyperX Pulsefire 0. Mitr0 Atlantis Razer DeathAdde Sennheiser HD Bandit Cloud9 HyperX Pulsefire 0. Shivsy Cloud9 HyperX Pulsefire 0.The best Fortnite keybinds, does it really exist? We hope to shed some light on it in this guide. They did this to keep up to par with the growing crowd of competitive Fortnite players who want to become the next big thing.

The guide is organized in a way that we will go through one player at a time and explain their keybinds. If you are already planning to change your keybinds after a good amount of time, please bear in mind that it requires a good amount of patience. In the beginning, your muscle memory will not have adopted yet, and you will make many mistakes when you get into action and the battle gets going. If you are making drastic changes, you should probably expect up to a week with consistent gaming before you are completely comfortable with your new keybindings.

Team Secret Mongraal is considered a very skilled player in the EU and also one of the best builders. In contrast to many other top builders, Mongraal uses his mouse keys for building. TSM Myth has from the beginning of his Fortnite career gained a reputation as a really fast and good builder.

He recently updated his Fortnite keybinds, which can be found below. FaZe Jaomock is known for his extremely fast building and amazingly enough, he uses the default Fortnite keybinds. Svennoss, another top Fortnite player for NRG Esports, and number 4 most wins in the world is also using the default Fortnite keybinds.

Nick Eh 30 is a very popular YouTuber and he is considered to be one of the best and fastest at editing. While he is not considered one of the best builders, he is indeed considered among the top players in the world. We feel that he is interesting to include since he recently announced that he changed his keybinds to become better and faster at building.

He must, therefore, have done proper research, since as mentioned before it takes a lot of time to adjust. SypherPK recently made a YouTube video where he is explaining his new keybinds and why he changed them after many months.

He gives some interesting views and I would recommend you to watch it. Ninja is without a doubt the most successful Fortnite player.

With millions of followers and hundreds of thousands of viewers everytime he streams, he is sitting comfortably on the throne. This is the keybinds he is using. Hamlinz, another member of Team SoloMid is also considered a very good Fortnite player and builder. Check out all of Hamlinz Fortnite settings, gear and keybindings. Bugha is the Fornite World Cup solo champion. Considered one of the best players in the world.

As you can see, it varies a lot what pro players use for their keybinds. Some are really successful with the default keybinds, while others have done a good amount research to find some optimized keybinds for themselves. What is best will also vary from person to person. I could imagine that people with relatively small hands, would find it difficult to use the default keybindings. What we would recommend, is that you find some keybinds that you find comfortable with and that are not too far away on the keyboard.

If you have any suggestions or want to suggest a player that we look into, please leave a comment on this page. Also, please let us know if you find any mistakes. Fortnite Looking For Group Discord. How to Play Stretched Resolution in Fortnite.Note : We keep on updating our settings in the table time to time. However, images for the same may vary. Kindly check tables for the latest settings. If you find any mistake or have any suggestions, feel free to leave your comments and we will update the settings ASAP.

He is one of the most famous players whose life changed in an instant while winning the world championship. Bugha used his nickname given by his grandfather as his username while playing professionally.

He started playing professionally ini. Bugha is a professional gamer who started gaining popularity after playing Fortnite: Battle Royale. He used to upload a variety of videos and gameplays in which he showcased unique skills. He started playing Fortnite in and participated in few tournaments and championships.

Later, in earlyhe shifted to another team called Sentinels which is an American esports organisation and has been winning a variety of titles while playing for the team.

When Bugha won the championship for the Fortnite Solo World Cuphe gained millions of viewers and ,s of subscribers overnight. He now has 1. He also has a YouTube channel where he has more than 1.

Outscoring the top players while having 1 year experience of playing Fortnite, Bugha has been given the title as the Player of the Year and the Rookie Player of the Year in Although he used to upload videos where he used to react to other players playing the game, he is now currently uploading his games and helping others understand his technique while playing.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Heavy Bullets is a brain child of two gaming enthusiasts. It is focused on bringing out the latest gaming news, reviews, tips and settings to skyrocket your gaming knowledge and experience. Bugha Fortnite Settings. Mouse Video Keybinds In Game. Bugha Fortnite Mouse Settings. Bugha Fortnite Keybinds. Bugha Pointing Gear. Mouse: Air58 Ninja Edition. View Price. Bugha Fortnite Video settings. Bugha Video Gear.

Monitor: Alienware AWH. Bugha Brightness Settings. Bugha Game Settings. Bugha Gear. Alienware AWH. Check Price. Air58 Ninja Edition. Logitech G Pro X. Who is Bugha? Which mouse is used by Bugha?Finalmouse Ultralight 2. Logitech G Aorus KD25F.

Hey dude I love you so much no homo but thanks for raider settings your the best you derserve the hype. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Raider Fortnite Settings. FortSettings 10 Comments Updated for Chapter 2. Youtube Twitter. Raider is a popular Fortnite YouTuber and entertainer who is most known for his insanely fast editing speeds.

Option Input X-Axis Sensitivity. Raider Keybinds. Option Input Building Edit. Option Input Window Mode. Raider Setup.

See Price. About Raider What mouse does Raider use? What keyboard does Raider use? What is Raider's eDPI? Popular Players. Related Guides. Best Mouse for Fortnite in Best Fortnite Keyboard for Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. X-Axis Sensitivity.In this article, I discuss the importance of keybinding.

Keybinding plays an integral role in your success as a PC gamer. Keyboards fulfill a greater purpose than simply filling a blank page. It is the practice of assigning various actions to a specific, unique key on the keyboard or mouse, or to a unique combination of keys.

Bugha DOMINATING In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

The benefits it offers are substantial. It saves time and effort. Quicker, faster actions per minute and higher response times will become your new norms. Fortnite: Battle Royale's a unique mixture of survival, shooter and builder. There are quite a few controls to master. Fortifying your positon with an impromptu defensive structure to shield you from enemy fire is strange.

Such a herculean task requires a special set of skills. Additional appendages or fingers will not be needed to perform multiple actions. Doing it correctly, and then steadily building up your muscle memory, will elevate your gaming experience to the next level. For players who have never made use of keybinding before, I recommend keybinding only one or two actions to start with and then adding more only after those keybinds have been mastered.

I also recommend that these one or two actions be the most commonly used, in order to force the player to make use of the new keybinds. The basic logic behind which action to bind to which key is rather simple: the most important and most used actions should be bound as close to your natural hand position on the keyboard as possible, without modifiers or special combinations.

They need to be close to hand and easy to use. This page is going to demand careful attention. Leave your movement inputs alone. Now, once we scroll down to E this is where the magic happens and your real training begins. E — Use. E is the pick-up function in Fortnite. For me, the genuine allure of keybinding is developing a system that streamlines your gaming mechanics.

A big part of developing that system is determining natural tendencies. Keybinding is a process that best serves your gaming needs if it requires less thinking. To curate actions that require little-to-no thinking, you need to rely on fundamental movements. Keeping E for Use is a prime example of this process.

bugha keybinds

These next keys are very important and lay the foundation of your keybinding system. They will determine how quickly and easily you switch your weapons. For the Harvesting Tool I use 1. These are the same keybinds used by Ninja.

The reason I prefer to use these inputs specifically, though, is because of my insistence on keeping everything in proximity to WASD. Maintaining comfort and minimizing finger movements are pillars of my approach.Join the wiki's discord server here!

Kyle " Bugha " Giersdorf is a player for Sentinels. Sign In. From Fortnite Esports Wiki.

bugha keybinds

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bugha keybinds

ZyfaCloudThwifoBugha.Bugha and Mongraal are two of the best Fortnite players in the world. As you know, when you play Fortnite using a mouse and keyboard, you move forward, left, down and up using the WASD keys on your keyboard.

Are ‘Double Movement Keybinds’ the New Fortnite Meta?

And double movement keybinds are when you assign a secondary key to your left and right movements. You see, by having your left and right movement keys bound to a different secondary key, you can press that movement twice. When you do this you double the amount of velocity your character in Fortnite has in the left or right direction.

For example, I can press my A key with my index finger and V key with my thumb at the same time. And I can still hold the W-key to move forward, too. Sure, you can use W and A or W and D together to move slightly to the left or to the right. In other words, players are using double movement keybinds to better simulate the movements of controller players in Fortnite. I learned about double movement keybinds from this video by Codelife. In the video, Codelife suggests the diagonal movement you can achieve are the main reason Mongraal and Bugha are using double movement keybinds.

Another thing that was highlighted in the video is how you can use double movement keybinds to place sideways stairs while moving forward. Thus allowing you to block any damage that could come from that side.

And this is a more reliable way than using the standard W and A or W and D movement combinations. However, you are able to place sideways stairs while moving forward normally by simply rotating your stairs.

In fact, you could argue that rotating the stairs is a better solution because you are able to place the stairs while moving in a strictly forward direction. But when you use double movement keybinds for example, V to move right that you press using your thumb you free up your index finger to do other potentially more useful actions.

So, I think the main advantage of double movement keybinds is that it could free up the fingers you use for strafing in Fortnite. But, despite this, you should not use double movement keybinds. Instead, you should stick to using the standard WASD keys for your movement. The main problem with double movement keybinds is that you need to assign 2 extra keys as secondary keybinds for your left and right movements. As you know, there are already so many actions you need to have bound in Fortnite.

And I think most Fortnite players are going to get more benefit from using those good keys for more important things like building and editing.

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