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Karabiner 98k

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k98 42 code

SKU c - Add to Cart. Rare Mauser Standard Modell Rifle. Excellent Waffen-Werke K98 - dot It was assembled by Mauser Borsigwalde in This particular variation is one of the rarest and hardest to find K98 rifles.

All numbered parts are matching. Overall, the gun is in very nice condition except for areas of light pitting and freckling throughout.

k98 42 code

The cleaning rod and front sight hood are in tact. A couple of very light scratches on the floor plate. The stock is excellent and has no markings. The butt plate has spotty oxidation and is waffenamt and marked "bpr 41". It is fully functional and the action is smooth. The bore has very strong rifling, but there are some small areas of pitting. We found other products you might like! Rare Walther G.Participation Requirements: Valid Credit Card required for bidding approval.

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MAUSER 98K 42 CODE 1940 - Z42871

Skip To Content Press Enter Catalog Search. Account Login Create a New Account. You have either logged in somewhere else or your session has expired. Please reload the page and login again. Go to Catalog. Got One to Sell? Add To Wish List. Text Reminder. Open Fullscreen. Item Views. It has the early all milled components, blade front sight and tangent rear sight graduated to 2, meters, and is mounted with a one piece pistol grip stock with matching handguard, flat buttplate and the spurious skull and cross bones Death Head stamping in the grip.

Complete with a brown leather cross hatch sling, slotted cleaning rod and F. Holler bayonet with a serrated Bakelite handle, un-numbered metal scabbard and leather frog. Very good as assembled. There is a small area of very minor pitting on the floor plate and some minor spotting on the left rear of the barrel.

The floor plate, trigger guard and both barrel bands are renumbered, refinished replacements. The stock is also very good with overall scattered minor dents and dings. The sling is good. The frog and bayonet are very good. The markings are crisp and clear. The action is excellent.Although supplemented by semi- and fully automatic rifles during World War II, it remained the primary German service rifle until the end of the war in Millions were captured by the Soviets at the conclusion of World War II and were widely distributed as military aid.

The Karabiner 98k therefore continues to appear in conflicts across the world as they are taken out of storage during times of strife. In February the Heereswaffenamt Army Weapons Agency ordered the adoption of a new military rifle.

The Karabiner 98k was derived from earlier rifles, namely the Mauser Standardmodell of and the Karabiner 98b, which in turn had both been developed from the Gewehr Since the Karabiner 98k rifle was shorter than the earlier Karabiner 98b the 98b was a carbine in name only, a version of Gewehr 98 long rifle with upgraded sightsit was given the designation Karabiner 98 kurzmeaning "Carbine 98 Short".

The pattern 7. It was found that the s. Patroneoriginally designed for long range machine gun use, produced less muzzle flash out of rifles that had a shorter barrel and also provided better accuracy. Because of this the S Patrone was phased out in and the s. Patrone became the standard German service ball cartridge in the s. The Karabiner 98k is a controlled-feed bolt-action rifle based on the Mauser M98 system.

Its internal magazine can be loaded with five 7. The straight bolt handle found on the Gewehr 98 bolt was replaced by a turned-down bolt handle on the Karabiner 98k. This change made it easier to rapidly operate the bolt, reduced the amount the handle projected beyond the receiver, and enabled mounting of aiming optics directly above the receiver.

Each rifle was furnished with a short length of cleaning rod, fitted through the bayonet stud. The joined rods from 3 rifles provided one full-length cleaning rod.

The metal parts of the rifle were blueda process in which steel is partially protected against rust by a layer of magnetite Fe 3 O 4. Such a thin black oxide layer provides only minimal protection against rust or corrosion, unless also treated with a water-displacing oil to reduce wetting and galvanic corrosion. The impractical "Langevisier" or "rollercoaster" rear sight of the Mauser Gewehr was replaced with a conventional tangent leaf sight.

The Karabiner 98k rear tangent sight was flatter compared to and does not obstruct the view to the sides during aiming as the Langevisier long sight. Originally, the Karabiner 98k iron sight line had an open-pointed-post-type barlycorn front sight, and a tangent-type rear sight with a V-shaped rear notch.The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience.

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Lot 598: Pre-World War II Mauser 's/42' Code "1936" Date K98 Rifle

Toggle menu Login or Sign Up 0. Bayonets Daggers Knives Swords. Autos Revolvers Sig Antiques Miscellaneous Rolling Blocks.

Winchester Commemoratives Winchester Rifles. Current Stock:. Share This Article. Some buffoon has done a professional job of adding an original ZF41 scope and mount??? Import marked. Product Videos. Custom Field Caliber 8x57mm. Action Bolt action. FirearmType Rifle. LicenseType CNR. Product Reviews. You May Also Like Quick view. This item has been sold. Recommended SALE. Call Us!The 98K bayonet was designed to be mounted on the 98K Mauser rifle. There is a version of the 98K bayonet that was created for parade use only.

Not meant for combat. The bayonets came with grips manufactured of bakelite and wood. This practiced was maintained for most of the war time. The scabbard was made of metal. A frog stud is placed near the throat area.

The finial consists of a "ball" shape structure. It was in this section that "eagle" shapes formed by lines were commonly applied. Additional markings on the scabbard were placed in the throat area. They included year, serial number and manufacturer's identification. The forg was made of leather. Tropical versions, like the ones used by the Afrika Korps, were often made of khaki color canvis. Heavy duty cotton stitching and rivets were used in the construction to increase the durability of the frog.

The bayonet consisted primarily of letters and numbers. The number of markings available is truly staggering. The scabbard was also marked by the manufacturer.

Lot 370: Mauser 'S/42' Code 1937 Dated K98 Bolt Action Rifle with Bayonet

In some cases the markings were identical to those found on the blade. Bayonets were marked with a "K" prefix code for the year of They were marked with a "G" prefix code for The actual year began to be stamped in but primarily in the scabbard. The years may have been represented with the last two digits i. The quality control of the production of bayonets was so strict that even the tang of the bayonet was marked with the production numbers.

Removing the grips from a bayonet reveals how the markings were stamped. The guard plate is also made of blue steel. Two spring flaps are present, each has holes for the screws. The more examples of a particular dagger that are examined the more knowledge is gained about the particular piece.

Differences in construction can be better appreciated. Markings on the blade and other sections are better understood. The overall knowledge about the dagger is expanded. This section of the site provides several examples of the dagger. Complete with the leather frog.

k98 42 code

Dated Manufactured by the ASW company. K98 F. Manufacturer marked at base of blade. Numbers are stamped on blade and scabbard. The numbers do not match. Missing the frog. Complete with the scabbard.Participation Requirements: Valid Credit Card required for bidding approval. Sales Tax: Click here for tax information. We will contact you after the auction to arrange payment and shipping. Every auction lot has a low and high estimated value. This does not mean the item must sell in that estimate range.

You can bid above or below the estimates. The price estimates are based on our specialists research of current market selling prices of similar items, and other factors depending on the item. Most items sell in or near these estimate ranges. Skip To Content Press Enter Catalog Search. Account Login Create a New Account. You have either logged in somewhere else or your session has expired. Please reload the page and login again. Go to Catalog. Got One to Sell? Add To Wish List. Text Reminder.

Open Fullscreen. Item Views. Item Interest. Includes replacement Israeli marked leather sling. Missing one proofed only trigger guard retention screw. Mechanically excellent. One does not find these pre-World War II 98k's in this fine condition very often! Click here to see keyboard shortcuts. Exits full screen view for items. Moves to previous lot, or moves to previous image if full screen view is enabled.CEO Michael Roth will talk about the bets Interpublic Group is making as it helps global clients connect with their current and future customers.

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k98 42 code

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