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The lira has lost 90 percent of its value against the dollar over the last three years, while Ankara, as of last month, depleted its net international reserves excluding swap lines in an ineffective defense of the currency.

Turkey Will Soon Liberate Al-Aqsa Mosque, Says Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Within the last decade, Erdogan consolidated power with a political platform built on unorthodox economic policies. Those days are long gone. After the Central Bank lost its last semblance of independence inthose beliefs have become mainstream. Erdogan is particularly vulnerable here because those efforts were mounted by his underqualified son-in-lawFinance and Treasury Minister Berat Albayrak, who should never have held the position in the first place. It is true that Erdogan has proved himself to be pragmatic before, particularly in the face of crisis.

Interest rate hikes have occurredeven when he initially opposed them. After the escalation of the crisis with Russiahe swallowed his pride and reset ties. But these decisions did not entail a devolution of power.

In fact, given his near-total control over the media, Erdogan can make U-turns far more easily than in a true democracy, as long as they do not require him to reverse his 18 years of power consolidation.

The real reason Erdogan cannot go to the IMF is that any Stand-By Arrangement or Extended Fund Facility requires structural reform and, therefore, power-sharing and good governance measures. One private auditor even said there is not enough data to conduct a proper assessment.

Economic data provided by the Turkish Statistical Institute is also suspect. The Turkish president is shutting down a university to punish former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu for leaving the AKP and starting a new party, but he risks alienating precisely the voters he claims to champion. The government forecasted 7. An IMF program, with its accompanying reforms, would likely eliminate such outrageous revenue guarantees and countless other off-balance-sheet arrangements.

meanwhile, turkish president recep tayyip erdogan has promised

It would also demand competent technocrats, transparency, accountability, independent regulatory agencies, and a Central Bank free from political pressure. But with such reforms, Erdogan would effectively be asked to forfeit control over all the shady deals he and his cronies have brokered over time. In other words, an IMF deal is a direct threat to his rule and accompanying patronage network. The IMF called for structural reforms to strengthen public finances and fiscal transparency, and new management as a requirement for lending.

It worked. Turkey stabilized, attaining an average of 7 percent growth for the next six years.The building, now a museum, is still filled with priceless Christian mosaics and frescoes. It is also one of the most contested religious buildings in the world. If the court says yes, the decision will reverberate across the world. Erdogan has consistently expressed his desire to return Hagia Sophia to its previous status as a mosque.

This stance plays well with his pious political base. For Erdogan, the politics here are irresistible. It is hard to imagine a more powerful image of Islamification than to see him leading prayers in a building converted from an Orthodox Christian church into a mosque in by Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II after his conquest of Constantinople.

For Erdogan it would be a huge symbolic step toward bolstering his religious nationalism. Kemal Ataturk, the first president of Turkey, secularized the building and reopened it as a museum in precisely in order to help create a modern Turkey—and to curry favor internationally, including better relations with Greece. Ataturk knew how important the Hagia Sophia was to Orthodox Christians. After being consecrated in during the reign of the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian, the cathedral was the seat of the ecumenical patriarch, leader of the Eastern Orthodox church, for a millennium.

Ataturk also knew that religious people have long memories, and that Hagia Sophia remained a source of contention between Christians and Muslims. He barely escaped with his life. Now the fragile peace achieved by secularization may be shattered. No one knows what the court will decide.

But recent precedent looks hopeful for Erdogan. Like the Hagia Sophia, the Chora church was converted into a mosque, in the 16th century, before being converted to a museum, in Indeed, many people who visit the Chora church or the Hagia Sophia will agree something important is lost when ancient houses of worship, of whatever faith, are hollowed out into museums, full of tourists listening to audio guides. Indeed, Hagia Sophia needs urgent repairs, which are more likely to be financed if it becomes a mosque again.

Its excesses which included inexcusable bans on Islamic practice and dress—have been viewed by religious Turks ever since as a heinous attack on their faith. It is seems that Erdogan is finally ready to take this historic step, to show that he really is making Turkey Muslim again.

Turkey's presidential elections and candidates: 5 facts about Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The timing is not accidental. Since these two parties may chip away some of his religious voters, Erdogan may be hoping to position himself as the true savior of Muslims—in Turkey and even beyond. There is a better way.Come, let us all together go to the bright future of Turkey.

meanwhile, turkish president recep tayyip erdogan has promised

Turkey marked the fourth anniversary of the deadly coup attempt of July 15,with a series of commemoration events honoring those who lost their lives fighting putschists. What happened in the conquest of Istanbul was on July Turkey, in the republic era, encountered similar problems that its past states experienced, he said. On July 15,a group within the military used tanks, warplanes and helicopters to try to overthrow the government.

A total of people were killed and around 2, others were wounded as the coup plotters fired at people and bombed parliament and other government buildings. The judiciary has concluded of coup cases and has handed down sentences to 4, accused, he said, noting that 2, suspects had been sentenced to life or aggravated life in prison.

Fire erupted on July 18 inside a gothic cathedral in the western French city of Nantes, but firefighters brought the blaze under control within hours, emergency services said. News Turkey July 15 Recommended Nephew of former YPG leader surrenders. Three more migrant bodies recovered from eastern lake. Father, son reunite at Syrian border crossing. Istanbul Airport Museum opens with exhibition. Trial resumes for US Consulate staffer in Istanbul. WORLD Fire damages cathedral in French city of Nantes Fire erupted on July 18 inside a gothic cathedral in the western French city of Nantes, but firefighters brought the blaze under control within hours, emergency services said.The letter was sent Tuesday along with a planeload of personal protective equipment that Turkey donated to the U.

It was made public on Wednesday. Turkey sentsurgical masks, 4, overalls, 2, liters gallons of disinfectant, 1, goggles, N masks and face shields. Turkey has sent similar medical equipment aid to a total of 55 countries — including Britain, Italy and Spain. Erdogan and Trump have maintained a close personal relationship despite a series of differences between Ankara and Washington, including policy on Syria and Turkey's decision to purchase the S Russian missile defense system that the U.

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In letter to Trump, Turkey's Erdogan urges better understanding

What Would You Do? Sections U. Virtual Reality. We'll notify you here with news about. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Comments 0. Turkey vows solidarity with US in fighting virus outbreak. Kanye West announces 1st campaign event. Coronavirus updates: 19 states set single-day case records this week. ABC News Live.The website of the Turkish Presidency has stated that the resurrection which is supported by the Muslims for Hagia Sophia would take place.

This move would appear as a hope to those Muslims who are oppressed, downtrodden, exploited, and wrong. This statement reveals that the President of Turkey, Erdogan, has promised and following the liberation for every Muslim considering the Holy places which are under other regions, forcefully.

meanwhile, turkish president recep tayyip erdogan has promised

Their statement indirectly states about liberating Masjid Al-Aqsa which is located within Israel. But, the official custody of that Mosque is with Jordan and the Dome of Rock as well.

Yet Israel implements more authority over the Mosque than Jordan. This sentence was originally formed in Turkish and further translated into English and Arabic.

The champion of the Palestinian cause is the Turkish President, who has always stood up to support the oppressed Palestinians.

He appears as the main critic against Israel and continuously points out the cruelties and crimes of the Israelis over Muslims. President also desires to resurrect the Muslims and the sense of the whole Islamic community between the Muslims which has been decreased.

Muslims are on their side and cheer on every move they make in order to achieve the objective. He is supported by the whole Muslim community willing to observe their dignified status throughout the world. He is the Epitome of the likes of Mahdi Alaihis Salaam. May Allah Give him all the resources to recover many a forgotten citadel of the Islamic World.

I pray Allah shall grant the courage and bravery like this to other Muslim leaders around the world. Share It.

Palestine Turkey. Notify of. Most Voted Newest Oldest. Inline Feedbacks. A Shabbir Ahmed. In Sha Allah Al Aqsa will be liberated very soon. Abdul-Mun'im sombat Jitmoud.

Last edited 4 days ago by Abdul-Mun'im sombat Jitmoud. Submit Type above and press Enter to search. Press Esc to cancel.Built in A. For years, Erdogan has supported a steady campaign to reconvert the Hagia Sophia into a site of Islamic worship.

On May 29, authorities in Istanbul hosted public celebrations to commemorate the th anniversary of the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople by Sultan Mehmed II, who subsequently renamed the ancient city Istanbul. President Erdogan presided over some of the festivities, including a fireworks display over the Bosporus waterway, Rudaw reported. According to Rudaw, critics accused the Turkish government of once again using Islam to galvanize its support base of religious conservatives.

Some political opponents say the president does this to distract from other domestic issues, such as the economy. On Monday, Erdogan rebuked Greece for balking at the idea that the Hagia Sophia could again become a site of Islamic worship:. Greece is not the one administrating this land, so it should avoid making such remarks. If Greece does not know its place, Turkey knows how to answer.

Please let us know if you're having issues with commenting.By Susan Edelman. Del Ponte, a former member of the U. Commission of Inquiry on Syria, said in an interview published Saturday that Turkey had broken international law and had reignited the conflict in Syria.

Also Saturday, Erdogan said Turkey will clear northeast Syria of Kurdish YPG militia if Russia does not fulfill its obligations under an accord that helped end the Turkish offensive in the region, Reuters reported. Turkey hosts about 3.

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Erdogan Should Not Erase Turkey’s Christian Past

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