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If your Mac is running slowly and it feels like a snail could launch a new app or load a web page faster than the computer could, read on. Spotlight is the search engine built into OS X, and anytime it indexes drive data it can slow down a Mac. This is typically worse after reboots between major file system changes when the index is rebuilta major system update, or when another hard drive full of stuff is connected to the Mac.

why is my mac internet so slow all of a sudden

Whether the Mac is newer and updates through the App Store, or older and goes through Software Update, either of these processes can cause a temporary slowdown to the system while they launch in the background, query for available updates, and.

Solution: Keeping system software up to date is one of the best things you can do as part of a Mac maintenance routine. Let it run, install the updates, and reboot. Anytime any computer is running very low on disk space, the computer will slow down dramatically, and Macs are no different. The reason is fairly simple; between the operating system and all your apps, a lot of temporary cache files are generated, and things are swapped in and out of memory and to the disk as needed.

If your disk is full, those actions take longer because older cache files and swap files must be deleted before new ones can be generated, which creates a stall before any further system process can be taken.

This whole thing can be painfully slow especially on traditional hard disk drives, and can leave any Mac feeling as slow as molasses. If the number is 0, you need to take immediate action! Next, recover disk space by downloading a free app like OmniDiskSweeper to discover where all your storage went. Delete unnecessary files. When finished, reboot the Mac, because rebooting will cause temporary caches to clear out and that can often free up space as well.

There is no bigger slowdown to encounter than when you run out of available RAM. When you run out of RAM, virtual memory takes over, and virtual memory is slow because it relies on your hard disk to store information needed for apps and OS X to run rather than keeping that information in super-fast RAM.

Solution: Quit apps that are no longer in use, and try relaunching ones that you are using. Web browsers in particular, like Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, will often consume more RAM than they need to the longer they are left open, as past web pages are stored in memory. Also, some websites have memory leaks.

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Quitting and reloading a web browser can often free up a ton of RAM. If an app or process is consuming a lot of your processor, other things going on with the Mac will slow down dramatically. Tons of different things can take up CPU, and though most are temporary as a process executes and completes, some errant processes go wild and continue to hog far more CPU than what is appropriate. Thankfully this is very easy to determine, find out how to tell if your Mac needs a RAM upgrade by reading this great guide.

Did you know that having a desktop full of a billion icons slows down a computer? This is because each icon gets drawn as a window, and OS X renders a preview of the icons and their contents, each of which takes up resources to redraw as things are moved around.

How to Know: Your desktop is a disaster of files, documents, folders, with more icons than wallpaper visible. Solution: Tidy up your desktop, ideally down to just a few select important things. Failing hard drives do not perform well, but potentially worse than that is the chance that you could lose all your important data and files.

How to Know: You hear unusual sounds, clicks, or chunking coming from your computer and hard drive. Run Time Machine, copy all your most important files to an external drive, whatever it takes.

Anything we missed?If your iMac is running an older macOS version, we recommend you upgrade. Here are several important things to prepare your Mac for macOS Mojave. So are you seeing that cursor more often with your iMac? And you wondered why your Mac is running slower? So what gives? In this guide, we are going to share with you those common reasons why an iMac may freeze up or run slower, and more importantly, what you can do to speed it up.

To add to the frustration of seeing that spinning beachball, there are a number of different reasons why your Mac could be sluggish in performance, ranging from hardware issues to even simple user errors.

Here are a few of the top offenders:. Any of those issues sound familiar to you? Still not sure? The first thing any Mac users should do when that spinning beach ball starts popping up too often is take a look at how the computer is being used. Ask yourself these questions:. Sound familiar? Even clearing out your bookmarks will help. If you prefer the easy way, you can use CleanMyMacan app that automatically searches for system junk and unnecessary files and removes them with one click.

Programs that essentially do the same thing can be drastically different in terms of speed. Firefox tends to be much slower than Safari. In general, third-party apps tend to run slower than native Apple programs. For example, using Microsoft Word instead of Pages may make your iMac run slower. Instead of storing files and apps directly on the desktop, leave them on the hard drive and use a shortcut icon for the desktop.

Some slow issues can also be improved by resetting the non-volatile random access memory NVRAMhelping to free up some of the active memory your Mac machine uses. Apple has a detailed guide here. Clearing out the system management controller can help too — the process is as simple as turning the iMac off and also unplugging from the outlet. Macs run fine most of the time, but acting more Tortoise than Hare when powering up?Phone Transfer.

Then about a week ago it started being very slow suddenly. From launching an application Outlook, Chrome, etc.

why is my mac internet so slow all of a sudden

It's just very slow. Nothing was installed and prior to then, everything I did was routine. This is very weird. Please let me know if you have any ideas on what I can do next! This list does not cover all the reasons, but when it comes to personal computers it should give you a head start on understanding what causes slow performance specifically for Windows-based machines.

Now that you have known the reason why your Windows slows down suddenly, you can follow the quick fixes to solve your problem and speed up your PC or laptop. If your computer has not been rebooted recently, make sure to reboot it before following any of the fixes below. If your computer is infected with one or more viruses, this can cause your computer to run slow. Use your antivirus software to scan your computer.

You can also try to remove the virus without using antivirus software. One of the most common reasons for a slow computer is programs running in the background. Remove or disable any TSRs and startup programs that automatically start each time the computer boots.

To see what programs are running in the background and how much memory and CPU they are using, open Task Manager.


Choose the one and close. Make sure that you have the latest Windows updates installed on your PC. If you are on the Internet when your computer is slow, make sure all browser plugins are up-to-date.

As a computer runs programs, temporary files are stored on the hard drive. Deleting these temp files can help improve computer performance. You can use Disk Cleanup to delete temp files, and you can also automatically delete temp files. For some serious hard drive issues that might cause a hard drive overloaded and sluggish, you need the advanced help of professional toolkits! This free partition manager comes with useful features that can solve the problem perfectly. Select "Tools" and click "System Optimization".

Step 3: You can check and choose junk files and click Clean up. All of the selected junk files will be cleaned and deleted from your PC. Click "Yes" to clean up junk files. You may directly click and follow the tutorial here to increase system C drive in Windows If none of the above solutions resolve your issues, another option is to either reinstall Windows or erase everything and then start over.We get it: you expect your MacBook Air is to boot and operate quickly so you can do your work on the go.

A slow MacBook Air puts a damper on your work. Programs that pull high percentages of CPU should not run on startup. To check which programs run at startup.

why is my mac internet so slow all of a sudden

You understand a whole lot its almost hard to argue with you not that I really will need to…HaHa. You definitely put a new spin on a subject which has been written about for years.

6 Common iMac Slow Issues (And How to Fix Them Quickly)

Wonderful stuff, just excellent! Thanks a ton. PRAM reset did wonders. Machine has become super fast. Took me just 10 secs. WOW, my machine sped up in an unbelievable way, thanks. Pingback: Best Writing Service.

This an easy method to fix and speedup MacBook air. Thanks for pointing out errors and solving issues. My Mac Air was running really slow, and shutting itself down randomly. Thanks so much. As regards Clean my Mac, do you recommend the free download, or the paid version?

Thank you for this article!!!! Thank you so much! My MacBook Air has suddenly started running slow. Currently the only applications running are activity monitor and Google Chrome. I have 57Gb of store available.

What to Do When Your Home Internet Connection Underperforms

Opening applications takes a long time, internet access slow and Playing movies are very jerky. Any suggestions or do I have to take it to an Apple centre? I have lots of important files and applications that I cannot afford losing. Thank you. I have clean my mac installed on my MacBook Air and iMac. Pretty useful for quickly clearing out junk on your hard disks, to keep them light and with a lot of free disk space. It is quite useful in cleaning up your iPhoto folder as well.Nothing slows down a Mac more than having too much on your hard drive.

However, the hard part is cleaning up your system, and figuring out all the stuff that can be safely removed for more space. It cleans up your entire Mac, the easy stuff and the hard stuff. It knows what to clean and where to clean, and is incredibly safe to use.

Apple developers have already anticipated the problem with slow running Macs. You can transfer your files and data to iCloud to save up some space on your Mac. Just click Store in iCloud and choose files you want to save to iCloud storage. To make sure your Bin is not cluttered with old junk, you can set up Empty Bin Automatically.

You could also give a swift look at your documents and remove the items that are piling up. You can do this by clicking Reduce Clutter. Then click Software Update. It could happen that disk permissions are broken.

You can repair them with CleanMyMac X. When you start your Mac, a lot of things load up in the background. Give your Mac a clean start and make macOS run faster.

Lighten the load on your Mac. Get a fast Mac startup by removing unnecessary apps. Now, click on Login Items, click on the name of an application you don't need to launch during startup, and then click the "-" symbol located below the list to the left; this will remove the application from the list — the fewer applications on the list, the better.

This should help out a ton with speeding up your slow Mac. Activity Monitor will show you what processes are using up your system resources. Open up your Applications folder and then your Utilities folder.

Check out the list of apps and processes that happening on your Mac in real-time. Pretty complex, eh?Why is my Mac so slow? Is there any effective way to fix it? I have a MacBook Pro model. I am wondering why my Mac is running slow and how can make it run like new? By performing a few simple clean up and maintenance tricks, you can have your slow Mac back running like new in no time. Here in this iMobie guide is by no means a comprehensive list of things that could be slowing down your Mac and how to fix it to speed up your Mac.

Like every Mac user, you might have stored many huge video files, thousands of photos and music tracks on your Mac computer. The popularity of using solid-state drives SSDs of Mac computers means considerably less capacity than traditional hard drives.

Or you can move all of them to an external hard drive, and remove them from your Mac. Thirdly, remove the junk files generated from your web browser, system, or applications. A quick and effective way is using a smart Mac cleaning software, MacClean.

This leads to the occasional hanging of a program and occasional feeling of the computer being lagged. Click on System Memory tab and have a look at the pie chart at the bottom. If the chart is largely red or orange which means you are running out of RAM.

Login items are a bunch of services and applications that should launch every time you start up your Mac. When you turn on your Mac, you may notice the process taking longer and longer over time. Step 2. Step 3. Every document file on your desktop requires memory to store.

If you keep too many items on your desktop, this can slow down your Mac speed to some extent. Accordingly, keeping a relatively clear desktop helps to ensure your Mac good performance where it should be.Frustrating Right? And in the majority of the cases has nothing to do with your hardware. It might not be full yet. This is why you will notice that your Mac suddenly runs OK, only to suddenly start crawling again.

Thankfully, the fix is super simple. All you need is free disk space. Here is the link to the apple forum discussion about this software. I did a California business entity search to verify the claim and it turned out to be correct. Moreover, the product rating and installations number shows the product is very popular and very well trusted.

Since Clean My Mac can be scheduled to clean your Mac from time to time periodically, you will never have the problem of your Mac slowing down very suddenly in the future as well. If you tried installing it on an older system, you have no choice but to roll back to an older operating system.

However, if your hardware meets the minimum requirements for your OS but you are still having problems, all you might need is to reinstall your operating system. Yes, it is a boring chore, and it sucks to do it twice, especially when you have just sat through a crawling installation. Grit your teeth and reinstall the OS and things will hopefully be back to normal.

Though it sounds like a very technical problem, the fix is as easy as clicking on a couple of buttons, thanks to the in-built repair disk permissions feature in your Mac. Please note that the above path to repair disk permissions only works as long as you were using Yosemite or a predecessor OS. Apple has simply removed that option. However, if you are still on El Capitan, you can repair disk permissions with the following two manual commands that you can enter in Terminal.

Verify is to verify if permissions are OK while the repair command is to obviously repair permissions. You can just run repair straight if you wish. Please be sure to note down your OS X password as you will be prompted to enter it to successfully run the command.

Apps in your login list will load up automatically, every time you start up your Mac. So, if your Mac has suddenly started to slow down especially during the boot-up process, it could just mean that there are just too many things happening in your login items. Since any app is just one or two clicks away, there is no point making them all run in the background, as soon as your Mac starts to run.

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